Emergency Services in Barnala

Emergency Numbers in Barnala

Emergency situations are those which pose or may pose danger to one’s life, health and property.  Often the environment we live in also falls under its ambit. In all cases, it requires immediate intervention and that is why it is important to have contact details of some of the emergency service providers such as the police, fire brigade, blood banks, ambulance etc at hand. We will however, start with the emergency number provided by the Barnala Police because in any contingency, they are the ones who come forward with the first help.

The Police Force at Barnala

The police force in Barnala is headed by a Senior Superintendent of police or SSP. He is assisted by two Superintendents of Police or SPs, who in turn are assisted by a number of Deputy Superintends of Police or DSPs. At the same time, Barnala Police has also opened a Help Line. Following is a list of emergency phone numbers provided by their official website.

Barnala Police Help Line
Phone No - 01679-230-100, 01679-230-683
Mobile - 098724-56138
Fax - 01679-243-683

Senior Superintend of Police
New Grain Market (Anaj Mandi)
City - Barnala
District - Barnala
State - Punjab
Pin code - 148101
Phone No - Office - 01679-231-107
Residence - 01679-233-218
Mobile - 098721-00016

Superintendent of Police (Head Quarters)
Office Phone Number - 01679-241-308
Mobile - 098141-87924

Superintendent of Police (District)
Phone Number (Office & Residence) - 01679-230-031
Mobile - 080545-45002

Deputy Superintendent of Police (HQ)
Mobile - 094172-52580

Deputy Superintendent of Police (Barnala)
Mobile - 098725-00057

List of Police Stations in Barnala

Here is the list of Police Stations in Barnala City:

PS City Barnala
Tehsil Road
Phone No - 09592-914-703

Sadar Bazar Police Station
1, Sadar Bazaar Gali
Phone No - 1679-272-094

Pharwali Police Station
Near Pharwahi Bazaar
Phone No - 01679-234-045

Phone Numbers of District Police Stations

PS Kotwali - 01679-230054
PS Dhanaula - 01679-263-423
PS Bhadaur - 01679-274-710
PS Sehna - 01679-270-434
PS Sherpur - 01679-270-434
PS Mehal Kalan - 01679-255-135
PS Tapa - 01679- 272-094

Fire Station in Barnala

Fire Department is another important emergency service provider in Barnala. The Fire Station is located on the Rambagh Road near the Chintu Park. Since no telephone number has been provided by the authority, one can contact police help lines at 01679-230-100 or 01679-230-683 in case of emergency.

Blood Bank in Barnala

The third most import emergency service providers are the blood banks. Indeed, in many cases, timely infusion of blood can make a difference between life and death. Fortunately, the Civil Hospital, located on the Kacha Collage Road ( K C Road) in a Barnala has a modern blood bank and hence those who are in need of blood must contact it at the following number:

Phone Number: 01679-233-042
Mobile Number of Officer in Charge: 98881-37309
Mobile Number of LT: 94176-38092

Ambulance in Barnala

Another life saving service in any city is its ambulance service. Not being able to reach health care centers in time may become fatal in many cases. Following is the contact details of one such service provider in Barnala:

Hospital Barnala Ambulance

Main Road
Near Niskam Sewa Ashram Smiti Civil Hospital
Pin Code - 148101
Phone No - 1679-239-980

Apart from that, most hospitals in Barnala provide such services. Such as:
  • Dr. Parmod Jain Hospital
  • Noor Multispecialty Hospital
  • Dr. Pradeep Sharma Hospital
  • Naresh Hospital and Heart Centre

Moreover, in case, the patient needs to be transferred out of Barnala, a number of companies plying air ambulance service also cover this city.

Chemists in Barnala

Getting medicines on time is also crucial to the wellbeing of a patient. Since Barnala is a prosperous district town there is no dearth of reputable chemists in Barnala. Every corner of the city has couple of them.

Disaster Management in Barnala

By law of the land, it is the duty of the Deputy Commissioner to take the first step in case any natural or man-made calamity takes place in the district. Although each state government has their own Disaster Management Bureau, the DC has to take the first step and work in tandem with other district officials.

Following are the phone numbers of the DC, Barnala:
Office Number - 01679- 244360
Residence Number - 01679-244361
Mobile - 9501399999 

There is also a Flood Control Bureau in each district of the state. In case of any emergency, one can contact the Flood Control Room at Barnala at 01679- 2229125

Cow Care Centers in Barnala

People of Barnala are as sensitive to the needs of the animals as they are to the needs of human. There are number of cow care centers or gau-shalas in Barnala. All these centers are regulated by Pumjab Gaushala Mahasangh, a registered unit that provide shelter to the cows. Following are the contact details of some of the Gaushala in Barnala:

Apahij Gau Sewa Ashram

City - Barnala
District - Barnala
Pin Code - 148101
Phone - 01679-241-800
Number of cows - 700

Gau Lok Dham
Sangrur Road
City - Barnala
District - Barnala
Pin Code - 148101
Number of cows - 210

Prachin Gaushala
Collage Road
City - Barnala
District - Barnala
Pin Code - 148101
Phone - 01679-238-967
Number of cows - 425

Shree Gaushala
Jetha Road
Patti Bajwa
City - Barnala
District - Barnala
Pin Code - 148101
Number of cows - 80

Radha Krishan Gaudham
New Grain Market (Anaj Mandi)
City - Barnala
District - Barnala
Pin Code - 148101
Phone - 98155-33353
Number of cows - 410

Prachin Gaushala
Close to Malwa Cotton Mills
Raikot Road
City - Barnala
District - Barnala
Pin Code - 148101
Phone - 01679-242-845
Number of cows - 360

Shree Janki Gau Dham
Court Road
City - Barnala
District - Barnala
Pin Code - 148101

Sankat Mochan Gau Lok Dham
Sekha Road
City - Barnala
District - Barnala
Pin Code - 148101
Phone - 94174-40967
Number of cows - 200

Shree Gau Shala

Janda Wala Road
City - Barnala
District - Barnala
Pin Code - 148101
Number of cows - 151
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